Training program

I have devised courses for people who are interested in learning my method. However, it is not recognized yet in Switzerland or internationally, I am working on it.

In any case, this method of transformation and healing is a complete self-sufficient method as other healing therapies such as kinesiology or reiki, are.

You can decide to pick and choose courses to increase your healing capacities or you may decide to follow the complete program to obtain my certification and practice the complete method.
You can also attend my course according to your desires and needs: healing, personal development… The courses increase and improve the work done during individual sessions. They are good value for money because a training day is worth several individual sessions.

How to start

The first pre-requisite is to read my book. Reading and doing the exercises will trigger the start of your transformation, your first internal change. This will allow you to quickly understand whether the method is right for you and it will give you some basic knowledge which will be used during the training sessions.

Secondly, you must follow the first of my courses entitled Creative Structures 1. This course is crucial as it teaches you how to erase beliefs, used in all my following courses. This course will bring out some healing and increase your level of consciousness.

Following this, the choice is yours however, I would strongly advise you to follow the Creative Structures 2 course, which completes Creative Structures 1. With these 2 courses, you will be able to follow any of my other courses without any further re-requisites.

To register, please see the following details here.

To have information on the dates scheduled, please check my calendar, which is generally updated in July-August and in December-January time as my courses are scheduled on a 6 monthly basis.

List of the available courses (in the ideal order if you want to do the complete program):

You can also go to my personal development page if you want to mix different courses depending on your needs.