My Book

Here is my first book explaining the foundations of my method. You will see below an extract to give you an idea of what you can find in it.

Wipe the slate clean

You can find it only as an eBook. It is available as a print book but only in french, yet.

This book is a pre-requisite to my lessons. You should read it if you want to attend to my first course: Creatives structures 1.

By reading it you can also understand how my method work, even if it is only a small piece of the whole thing. The reading should also help you to solve some problems in your life.

It is not necessary to have a Kindle to be able to read it as an e-book. Using your computer or smartphone is also possible. Just download the “Kindle” App from the Amazon site or the AppStore and you will be able to read this book and many more from the Amazon site.


A belief is a program altering the way we think, react and act.

A belief is strong because we think it is true.

A scientific and rational mind should reject unfounded beliefs, however do you really do it?

This book is not a “New Age” book on the power of the mind or on positive thinking. It is a practical book devoted to beliefs and how they influence us. I intend to show you how you can eliminate your beliefs and how it can improve your life.

Several authors have written about this topic over the years. But, this book is different because it will not give you some keys to better use your beliefs or think positively. This book will not give you other beliefs, supposedly better, my goal is the exact opposite.

This book is here to help you find a way out of your subconscious programming.

As a holistic practitioner, I try to help my patients find a way to free themselves from their physical, emotional and mental problems. As part of my work, I give a lot of courses to teach my method to people who want to work on their beliefs and their creative mechanisms by themselves.

This book is the pinnacle of several years of teaching. It is the first volume of the personal development, transformation and healing method I developed and called “Doors of Consciousness”.

The work I am proposing in this book is mostly practical. I invite you to do the different exercises, which you can use as an antivirus software to clean your own “operating system” i.e. your mind, being and body.

But before explaining how to do this, I must give you my definition of the word “belief”.


Facts are rare. Scientific truths, we can call facts, are difficult to find. Scientists use axioms, facts that can be observed in a systematic way but cannot be mathematically proven. For example, the shortest path between two points is a straight line. This axiom is a fact because it can be verified in every experience you have.

You can find other facts, mostly scientific truths, which have been demonstrated by a large number (tens of thousands) of iterations (repetitions):

Fact: “The Earth revolves around the Sun”.

Fact: “Gravity exists”.

A fact can be challenged when our measuring instruments improve and when our scientific understanding of the world is increasing. Before Galileo and Copernic, “the sun revolved around the earth”. It was a fact you could see every day. This proves that even a fact is not as certain as it seems. However, we can at least use a fact to build something and find some reassurance from it.

Any fact, which is not identical to each observation (iteration), regardless of the number of observations, is what I call a recurrence. An event repeating itself 98 times out of a 100 is a statistical truth, a recurrence, however this is not a fact.

Deducing a general truth from a recurrence is what I call a belief.

A belief is the lost cousin of the scientific fact. It has its flavor and appearance, but it certainly is not a fact. To adopt a belief, we only need hearsay, personal experiences, distorted deductions, statistics and second hand opinions such as “I have read in a medical journal…” or “I’ve seen on TV…”. We only base ourselves on a few repetitions to prove our beliefs.

A belief is an idea, a concept, an opinion, something we wish to defend. There are probably as many beliefs as there are “objects” in our lives. And by “object” I mean: an idea, an emotion, a person, a tree, a table…

A belief is also a peremptory statement.

Some beliefs follow facts and cling to them like a plastic film. For example, we can “believe” that the earth revolves around the sun or we can “believe” in gravity. That does not mean that the phenomenon exists. When we stop believing in them, facts remain. Therefore it is easy to get confused and mix facts with beliefs.

Examples of beliefs:

The statement “A mother always loves her child” is a belief. Why? Because it is a recurrence, not a systematic fact. There are exceptions to this statement, as the police and social services know.

To say: “I am not good at anything” is a belief. You can believe it but you cannot prove it scientifically. 

“Life is hard” is a belief based on many difficult experiences inherited from our ancestors coupled with our own recurrences, however it is not a scientific fact. 

“This medicine always works” is also a belief. A remedy’s effectiveness is expressed in percentage. When it reaches a certain level of effectiveness with minimal side effects, it may be marketed. It is only a recurrence.

“I am convinced that the earth revolves around the sun” is a belief. The words we use to express a fact reveals a belief. Everything is in the wording.

“Natural birth is better than a Caesarean section” is a belief. There may be statistical studies proving this, but where there is a statistical proof there is a recurrence, therefore there could be exceptions. The simple fact that some people try to defend this claim proves that a belief exists.

If you think about this, you will probably realize that there are two types of beliefs, i.e., those that are established by a fact and those that are not.

A belief proved by a fact is acceptable but unnecessary in the sense that facts exist by themselves. Therefore, those beliefs have no reason to exist.

A belief that is not proven by a fact is false, or even detrimental as it restrains your thoughts. Those beliefs should not exist. 

My aim is to help you erase your beliefs.

How does that sound?