The Method

The method “Doors of Consciousness” is a tool, which helps erase conscious beliefs as well as unconscious creative structures so we can become true to ourselves and free from the usual conditionings. Therefore we are in a better position to start healing and resolving our life problems.

My courses or private appointments can help you to re-connect yourself to and be more open to your Consciousness so as to be more in control of your body and existence. That way, you can find the changes to bring to your life so you can live the life you really want.

To solve the various problems you may have in your life, it is necessary and it is sufficient to raise your level of consciousness. This one is usually acquired through the cognitive development of a person, schooling, curiosity, the need to open to other cultures and other ways of seeing things.

But it can also be acquired through personal development tools such as books or courses. Consciousness is a kind of wisdom, but it is not strictly speaking intelligence. Currently, society pushes people to be more intelligent but it gladly ignores the development of wisdom or consciousness. This is why it is useful to make additional efforts in this area.

My method to erase beliefs allows a deep and permanent cleansing to operate so you can gradually increase your level of consciousness. It is a kind of awakening, of lucidity. From there, anything is possible, changing your life, transforming and healing yourself.