The Hara: centre of life and balance

Duration: 1 day, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: My office

Price: CHF 200.- lunch not included.

Pre-requisite: Creative Structures 1

Course description:

The Hara is the center of incarnation and balance. It is located at the level of the sacred chakra, in the lower stomach area.

Working on the Hara is essential to heal physically and mentally.

This course is crucial if you want to solve most of your problems. You will acquire a much better physical, emotional and mental balance, more life force, more joy and you will resolve some of your physical blockages.

Working on the Hara is also very useful for people who practice sports or professional sportsmen and women because it allows them to make one with their body and to improve their performances and balance. The Hara is also used in martial arts or singing (people often do it without being aware of it) to be more powerful, constant or accurate.

Finally, the Hara is what keeps us clinging on to life as you can see from the testimony below.

This is the testimony of someone who attended this course a few days before having a very serious car accident:

” When the car collided with the back wheel of my motorcycle, I flew 40 meters away from the the place of the accident. I turned and bounced so many times on the ground that I lost my helmet and I banged the back of my head, at this point I was plunged into darkness. I saw my body landing with my nose and my cheekbone on the ground. I was completely exploded. I intended to lift myself but my body could not move anymore, I passed out, I tried to move which made me realize that I was out of my body. My body was stuck on the ground as if the Earth’s force of attraction had become extremely powerful: my body and the Earth made one like a small piece of metal on a huge magnet. All of a sudden, I saw my body on the ground from 5 feet above, my face was full of blood and so was my beautiful purple shirt. That was horrifying but that is when the story starts to become beautiful …

It is at this very moment that I instinctively connected to my Hara and in a split second I re-entered in my body. I was lying in a blood bath and I was in an indescribable shock. (It is through my Hara that I was able to reintegrate my body). ” I, me” was lying on my body like a black smoke and all of a sudden, just as I connected with my Hara, I was literally sucked into my body. It is a rather violent experience.
I do not know if I had the choice but I wanted to LIVE. I was so freaked out when I saw that I had come out of my body that I wanted to return into it without any hesitation. No white light or a tunnel in my case. Fortunately!

Your teachings on the Hara, the awareness you passed on to us, the contact and the work we made on our Hara during your training literally saved my LIFE. “