Identities: the true nature of Self

Duration: 5 days over a 3 months period, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: Riviera Region

Price: CHF 1000.- lunch not included.

Pre-requisite: Creative Structures 1 and 2 and Ancestors or Karma (but both are recommended)

Course description:

A human being is a complex creature. Try to study anatomy and you will be convinced of it. And if you study its psyche, you’ll find the same complexity.

A human being is similar to a cell with a centre, a middle layer and an outer layer. In homeopathy we call them endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm and the performance of each of these layers will depend on a period of life during childhood. If the child experienced hard times or if a trauma arose in his childhood, it can be seen later in the diseases and the problems he faces as an adult.

To be able to help my patients, it is essential for me to integrate this complexity in my work and to understand it as well.

You must discover who you really are, when working on yourself, to increase your level of consciousness. Which part of yourself is built upon your Self, your Soul, your Essence or your Quintessence? Every side of us shows some strengths and weaknesses. I shall explain to you how to work on these aspects, how to perceive them and understand them.

This course will also help you discover how we constantly choose a single aspect of ourself at a precise moment to avoid being true to ourself. We all have this logic of dividing and conquering. Fundamentally it is harder to accept our Self and have a united Self than to have a divided Self.

The course will be delivered over a 3 months period to allow each person to better assimilate the teachings and avoid a difficult process.

· Theoretical explanations and practical exercises
· The Soul, the Essence and the Quintessence
· A fragmented Soul
· The Self, the ego and mind (built identity)
· Karmic and ancestral influences
· Education and childhood’s influences
· Traumas and their influence
· Identities and love relationships
· Identities and relationhip or family problems
· Global cleaning of our various identities
· Internal separation: when we try to divide ourself and conquer
· Internal division and diseases
· …