Emotional peace

Duration: 1 day, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: My office

Price: CHF 200.- lunch not included.

Pre-requisite: Creative Structures 1

Course description:

Working on your feelings is a fundamental piece of work. It is fundamental to be healed, to be in peace with oneself, to be aware, to be able to free yourself from our society’s wounds, to obtain peace of mind.

This course will give you the means to arrive at that. But above all, this course is a moment of transformation and courage, a moment for you to discover yourself and know yourself better. To do this, you will need to dive into your past and to clean your wounds and heal them. This work can be done for the present as well as for past events. It will help you to change your emotional life in depth: wounds, inheritance, education and conditionings. Everything will be approached. The most important thing is to understand that this course aims at giving you the freedom to be yourself, to free up your passion, your joy or your love.

Our society is paradoxical. It encourages emotions, violence, and intensity and on the other hand, it blames you for crying in public, for letting yourself go at work and for talking about your wounds and secrets. You can be emotional but only to a certain extent. It makes no sense. I would like to suggest you to follow another path, the path of self-respect, respect for your feelings but also control of your emotional aspect and healing of your wounds.

This course will touch on the 5 wounds (rejection, injustice, abandonment, betrayal and humiliation), which Lise Bourbeau explains very well in her book ” Heal your wounds and find your true self ” and I would recommend you to read it before the course if you can. But we will also speak about judging, punishing, sacrificing oneself, playing the victim, sabotages …

I look forward to seeing you at the course, which I hope, will help you to accept yourself totally.