Creative structures 1

Duration: 2 days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Location: in my office

Price: CHF 400.- for the weekend, lunch not included.

Pre-requisite: Reading of my book

Course description:

Once you have discovered how to erase your beliefs in my book, you can follow this course to learn how to erase other more complex creative structures.

You will be able to apply these corrections to yourselves or to your family and friends if needed. You will become capable of solving a large number of everyday life problems. And all these corrections are essential to attend my other courses.

Doing these corrections will allow you to live an internal “spring cleaning”. This purification will give you the means to make in-depth changes. You will be more confident and you will realize how simple it is to heal and transform oneself.

You will understand the process of creating beliefs and how essentially it is an unconscious action. Increasing your awareness will allow you to find the root causes of your problems. This course also approaches how to open more to consciousness.

You will also discover how expressing feelings and emotions can be therapeutic and can help you relieve your tensions, your feelings, your body to release your stress.